Wireless headphone adapter for Apple iphone 7 and other people, Griffin iTrip Clip Bluetooth

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Up to date: This factor sucks for observing online video. There is a delay so the audio won’t match the online video.

I picked up the Griffin iTrip soon soon after I got the iTrip Aux Bluetooth adapter for my auto. It’s quite equivalent to the Out of doors Tech ADAPT Bluetooth headphone adapter.

It’s a good way to make wired headphones wireless with Bluetooth so that you can demand and hear on phones devoid of headphone jacks, like the Apple iphone 7.

In my case, it is really mainly because my Apple iphone 5 headphone jack is broken.

I’m irritated that on my Apple iphone 5 I won’t be able to push and keep the iTrip Clip quantity handle to alter quantity. I have to push after for every quantity environment up and down. It got troublesome speedily. Perhaps it is really a cell phone issue, or probably that’s the way the iTrip Clip functions.

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