What makes the iPhone 7 WaterProof? – Ultimate Test!!

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Apples iPhone 7 claims to be iP67 ‘water resistant’. What does that mean? Can you go swimming with your phone? Will your phone be ok if it slips into the sink? or tumbles into the toilet? This video will answer all of those questions and more.

I explain the differences between iP67, iP68, and IP69. And how much liquid abuse they can actually handle. The iPhone 7 has the bare minimum of water protection. I would suggest that you treat it like a normal phone, and that the iP67 protection is a bonus feature… not something you ever rely on. ESPECIALLY if you use your phone daily, and you keep important things on it.

Here is the Samsung Note 7 WaterProof Test: https://youtu.be/ZiksU8Afr-4

Do you trust Apples ‘Water Proofing’ features? Let me know what you think!!

The camera I used to film this video: http://amzn.to/1IjlaCD
The Lens I used for this video: http://amzn.to/1QOXDw2
And this Metabones adapter: http://amzn.to/1R7Ltic

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  1. Tube Matrix Reply

    I don't think the IP Cert means crap. With fewer potential points of water entry on the iPhone, I can't see why the Samsung Note or Galaxy S7 would be more water resistant. I think Apple went for the lower IP rating just to cover their asses (as per usual).

  2. Uncle Deluxe Reply

    if this is the case then why is apple advertising their phone to be able to handle a thunderstorm? This video is the Red Pill of Tech.

  3. Normal Person Reply

    I just love the water damage indicator, it really shows how much apple DOESN'T want to replace your phone, if one day something happens to it.

  4. Richard He Reply

    Once the Iphone7 is opened, it's no long water proof anymore right? I open my phone sometimes, cause I change my own batteries. I'm hoping there are ways to re-water proof it.

  5. Noodles Flawed Reply

    I fly the Yuneeq q500 camera drone and while night flying over a fresh water lake the battery fell out and the drone fell hitting the water hard. It took me three days dragging the bottom of lake with a grappling hook eventually I hooked it. I striped it down and dried it in full sun and after reassembling the drone fly's like new. The electronics are very compact and I dare say are water proof. it's the same with phones if your quick enough and can remove battery your phone might still work after drying it out..

  6. Greg Hopshire Reply

    ~ Apple CEO's sitting around the conference table ~

    Tom: Lol hey guys its the yearly meeting, Whats new with your golf tourney bob?

    bob: Not much, tom. I lost to some punk hipsters.

    Tom: Okay cool, so what should we do new and exciting this year, I wan't to really advance the technology and just absolutely do something new this year. It's time for something BIG

    Bob: I dunno lol ? let's release an phone 7?

    Tom: That's a GREAT IDEA BOB Lol

    Bob: I kno lols, jokes on the whole world.

    Tom: So I bought a new Ferrari this weekend……..

  7. DavyDave1313 Reply

    wow man, your videos where you clearly explain what is happening as you disassemble the device makes other youtubers look like neanderthals, where they just throw the phone into a lake or something lol

  8. Ian Maomay Reply

    Mind you guys IP67 beats IP68 lol. And someone will reply, Apple don't have wireless charging. Alright then, enjoy 3 seconds of your time by not putting a cord to your phone. What a great feature isn't?

  9. JW Montoya Reply

    I broke my iPhone 6 Plus while trying to replace the glass. Now it's DONE.
    I need help destroying it! help me out. Thumbs up so other people can see!

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