Ultimate Protection From A BUMPER CASE?! RhinoShield

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So this Rhino Shield Crash Guard bumper case can practically protect your iPhone and Android device from virtually anything!

►RhinoShield Cases: http://amzn.to/1r9dZ81
►Worldwide Shipping: http://bit.ly/1TWNqgs
15% OFF Discount code: RHINOS15
♦Full Gear List: http://amzn.to/1P7Lkoe
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  1. Justin Balzer Reply

    funny how he buys a phone and he didn't seem upset when it broke. I can even afford a computer less then this phone. im upset. but it was a great video

  2. boomy818 Reply

    Aper your cars not 2583 pounds lol. Don't look at the sticker on your door. Google how much of weighs. Search 2016 Lexus rc200t curb weight

  3. Lamborhini Reply

    A case that will finally compete with a Nokia made in 1990s with no case. Now when are their gonna be phones that match a 1990 Nokia's battery life!

  4. Lamborhini Reply

    LMAO who plays basketball with a phone, as if we'd need a case and a phone for the day we lose our basketballs lop

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