Steer clear of $forty regular Uber Fee! Operate Lyft & Uber driver applications on 1 Cellphone.

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Steer clear of paying the Uber phone renter fee when driving for Multi Trip-Sharing Corporations.

In this movie I will display you How to operate Equally Uber Associate Driver App and Lyft Driver method App At the same time from 1 smartphone. Increace your Rider ask for pings with no the want of multi telephones.

DO NOT Rent if you do not want to. I also display you in action how to immediately disable the push method from 1 application when a ask for will come in to minimize the chance of twin ask for pings which will cause you to have to reject a ask for and acquire a strike on the acceptance rating. This…


  1. Alexander Rappe Reply

    Try the app called "Toolbox". This allows you to have a set of quick buttons on the edge of your phone, which you can customize. Especially helpful if you have Android Auto.

  2. Reply

    Some of the Samsung tablets allow to run two apps on one screen. It will be much easier in the future.

  3. Dean Lake Reply

    In the iPhone I found it easier to turn off an app by going to the task manager and swiping it off. For some reason I'll push the menu in Lyft to get to the "turn off driver mode" only to find I have to push it several times for the menu to appear. The same thing happens when I try to turn off driver mode in Uber – no response from the button. Swiping solves this problem.

    The only issue this method causes is that after a few minutes you'll get a text message from Lyft saying you've lost contact. Not a big deal unless you're trying to limit your text messages. One advantage might be (I'm guessing here) is that Uber/Lyft will still count you as "driving" during this time you've lost contact, even though you can't receive passenger requests. This might help you reach your "prime time" bonuses.

    I just switched both accounts over to an Android phone and will try this same swiping method tonight. Though I do see that in the Android app for Lyft there is a button to turn off driver mode, rather than a drop down menu like in the iPhone app.

  4. Big Soulja Reply

    yeah man I just started today actually and I'm afraid of running out of data in the middle of a trip then I have no nav. I was thinking about trying to get a separate cheap phone with a big screen and just get a data plan only. unlimited most likely and just use the phone for uber.

  5. PAUL LIMON Reply

    I have not read any of the comments from this video but one question I have is: on your Note II can you use the split screen to see both apps?

  6. erik fiallos Reply

    Thanks for the video I though I had to get another phone for lyft cool I can run both in same phone,,, question how do u do it for the signs on the car for uber and lyft when u picking up passengers.. Thanks

  7. Mad GT Reply

    I have Verizon unlimited everything except minutes….however nice wallpaper breaking bad is the shit

  8. classrockin Reply

    Hey Carlos, you seem to be a pretty tech savvy guy, thought maybe u could help me. I have an LG 90 Android device. Last week, I tried to go online, and my driver app said I needed to upgrade to log in. I tried, and the upgrade wouldn't work. I contacted Uber support, they said to uninstall the app and download again.  I've tried that too, both from the uber site, and google play and the app never loads.  Any ideas?   Thanks

  9. Mohamed boumlik Reply

    I am a 5 star uber driver and I can go online. I do not have unlimited data plan i just have 3 G date with T-mobil (family plan). Can insufficient data on your phone plan be  a cause of kicking you off?  thank you!

  10. Dawn Owens Reply

    UBER.. I joined up. I got a UBER PHONE. I returned the UBER PHONE before even thinking about driving for them. I got my first BILL from UBER, $200 deposit for the phone I never used or took out of the box, the same phone that I returned.

  11. hugo pacheco Reply

    good day friend esoy about to go live in a state I am from Venezuela sunidos habalr English necessary to work with uber?

  12. PriLA Reply

    i have a question im already drive lyft if i drive with uber and lyft same times i have to turn off one app example ( when i drive uber customer i have to turn off lyft then when i drive lyft i have to off uber you think they let you do that ??   i mean they gonna think you cheating with the company ?

  13. Nguyen Dang Reply

    I will try this type of business out when i am at my University start in Spring and do this as part time job to earn little bit extra income is this worth it?

  14. classrockin Reply

    Great video. I have an LG android, and this tutorial will help big time. I'm already signed on with Uber, and will take my Lyft test run tomorrow. I want to run both aps, now I know exactly how to do it ! Thanks

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