iPhone 6S Plus Leak

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Here is the Latest LEAK from the iPhone 6S Plus. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
This leak was dropped by futuresupplier.com
Are you getting the new iPhone or no?


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iphone 6s jailbreak


  1. rob james Reply

    2 gb ddr4 ram and a camera which is similar or better than the g4s camera would make me wanna switch and i also hope they stick with full hd and upgrade the battery

  2. Durararide!! Reply

    Had a 6 plus, got a OPO, now have a 6.

    The only reason I'd upgrade at this point again is when apple finds a way to reduce bezel size on their devices. The OPO has such small bezels that I don't feel sort of awkward using it, but I would feel really out of place using the 6 plus- especially when trying to pull the thing out of my pocket (bezels=one of the tallest phone out there).

    Never been a big fan of gold phones, but I'd be interested to see a rose gold….

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